What makes Jimmy’s original Supro Coronado sonically unique are the modifications that were done to it after it was damaged from falling out of an equipment truck. These details include:

  • Change from two 10” speakers to a single Oxford 12” Alnico magnet speaker reconed with a British style 8 ohm cone.

  • New baffle and grill cloth.

  • Small but significant circuit changes that alter the feel of the amp.


Before finalizing the Sundragon we analyzed every detail of Jimmy’s original amp. We incorporated the important circuit detail including NOS (New Old Stock) parts, transformers hand wound by the original manufacturer plus NOS tubes manufactured by Mullard and GE. While the speaker manufacturer who made the cone in Jimmy’s Oxford speaker is out of business we selected a modern speaker that captures the essence of the speaker in Jimmy’s amp. It is the Jensen P12Q with an Alnico magnet.


Because of the uniqueness of Jimmy’s iconic amp, and the work done on Sundragon, there is no other amp that can duplicate its singular aggressive sonic quality plus the interaction between the guitar and amp.