It all started when…

In 2010 when Mitch Colby left his 30 year career at Korg USA Perry Margouleff contracts Mitch to restore one of the (if not the) biggest collections of vintage amps in the world. As of today 800 and counting!

Around 2014 Perry discovers a unique sounding Fender Tweed Champ among eight others in the collection. He gives the amp to Mitch to find out what makes the amp so special. Once figured out, Perry has Mitch mod the other seven Tweed Champs to sound as good as the “special” one. After modding the Champs Mitch further develops the idea and creates the Colby Lil Darlin. In 2016 Perry gives Jimmy a Colby Lil Darlin which Jimmy loves and uses as his at-home practice amp.

In 2017 Perry talks to Jimmy about working with Mitch to find out what is so special about his Supro. Jimmy said he would be happy to have a second one and Mitch mods a vintage Coronado to what he thinks might sound like Jimmy’s. Perry brings that amp to Jimmy and they compare it to Jimmy’s original. While the amp is close, there is still something special about Jimmy’s amp. Jimmy then ships his original amp to Mitch’s shop in New York so he can see exactly what is going on. Mitch makes a second amp, this time a clone of Jimmy’s including transformers from the original manufacturer, exact wiring and other details of modifications that were done to the amp. While this is happening Perry goes on a quest to find someone to manufacture brass plated steel chassis, exactly like Jimmy’s original. While not all of the cosmetics are true to the original, we feel we have created a vintage inspired design with beautiful appointments. some of the physical things unique that we have copied include the stunning brass plated preamp chassis, cabinet design, knobs and gold handle.

The new amp and the original get crated and shipped back to Jimmy. He loves the new clone. Jimmy, Mitch and Perry agree to make 50 of these amps for the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin I. They will be made throughout 2019 and available exclusively through the Sundragon website.